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SDC initially came to us looking to update their HTML static website. Working in the forensic accounting field they had certain requirements for online web forms and heightened security. In this second iteration of their website, we transitioned from Joomla to WordPress for content management, form management, and better security. After some consulting on website solutions, we went through discovery, designed a few concepts that fit the requirements and necessities, then developed a WordPress site that met the needs of the business.

  • The Problem

    Their Joomla website was quickly getting out of date. Joomla was lagging behind newer web technologies and started causing issues. Page design and layout required customized code, modules were creating vulnerabilities, and the web forms were not up to par.

  • Solution

    We built a WordPress site that was lightweight, dynamic and flexible. We wanted to make sure that as the business grew, and more processes were added, that the website could keep up without extensive customizations. We also wanted to ensure that the framework was future-ready and newer additions to the site wouldn't create bandwidth clogs and slow down the website.

  • Services

    Website Design, WordPress Development, Online Form Management, Enhanced Security with WAF.

  • Type of Work

    Forensic Accounting Website

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