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Business Websites Built on WordPress

Find yourself in first place with a website that reflects your business and wins leads.

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Flexibility and Power with WooCommerce

A WooCommerce store tailored for your business so you can increase online sales.

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A Professional Blog to Grow Your Business

Start where you are and showcase your expertise in your fields by blogging.

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Web Design & WordPress Development

Businesses big and small are looking for new ways to attract customers, add increased value, and add credibility to their brand. Organizations have been turning to Wagoner Design since 1999 to build outstanding brand value to their online presence. We warmly welcome you to join our family.

Your business can thrive with a well-done website. With almost 20 years of experience, we can help you make your website represent your business on every level. An investment worth its weight in return.

Website Features

Quality Web Design

Quality Code

Your website adds instant credibility to your business... or takes it away. Get flagship quality that speaks well about your brand.

Targeted Website Designs

Polished Designs

Our professional web designs is a part of our secret to success. Each design is carefully crafted for your business' success.

Experts Website Development

Coding Profs

Let us lend you our expertise for brand development, graphic representation, and online presence for steady brand recognition.


WordPress Development

WordPress Devs

Developing custom websites for WordPress for over a decade, we can harness the power of this platform to accelerate your business goals.

WooCommerce Development

Ecommerce Solutions

Get one of the most advanced stores built into your website. Transactions are fee-free from us with multiple payment options, PCI compliance, and simple management.

Website Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Your website will be more stable and lightning fast when you use our hosting. We have a number of custom solutions that measures up to any business demand.


Secure Websites

MI5 Grade Security

Your website will have multiple layers of protection and built-in security to keep your data and your clients safe with end-to-end encrypted WAF protection.

Website Maintenance & Monitoring

Routine Maintenance

Keep your focus on growing your business while we keep things like updates, patches, SEO tweaking, framework structuring, and backups up to date.

Strategic Web Partner

Strategic Partnership

Improve your web presence is easy when you have a dedicated partner who is capable of activating new resources for your benefit.

Growing Your Business Starts Here

We've developed hundreds of successful websites, from law firms to bakeries to associations. See how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Web Design Results

Results that Benefit Your Business

We build websites that attract new customers, patients, and users; no matter your target audience, your website is sure to resound with quality and taste. Perfectly designed to work on any device.

Your website does the talking for your business, so you want to make sure that it knows just what to say. A beautifully designed and executed website that gives your visitors exactly what they need is how you rise to the top.