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Businesses big and small are looking for new ways to attract customers, add increased value, and add credibility to their brand. Organizations have been turning to Wagoner Design since 1999 to build outstanding brand value to their online presence. We warmly welcome you to join our family.

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Your business can thrive with a well done website. With almost 20 years of experience we can help you make your website represent your business on every level. An investment worth it’s weight in return.

Quality Speaks

Your website adds instant credibility to your business…or takes it away. Get flagship quality that speaks good about your brand.


Each design is carefully crafted to reach your desired targeted segment, attracting more of the clientele you’re seeking.


Your website can be integrated with social media, analytics, or your favorite web app. It’s simple to drill down your visitors.


Let us lend you our expertise for brand development, graphic representation, and online presence for steady brand recognition.

Dialed In

We can dial in your website to meet your goals, reach more devices, and load faster. Our web experts can monitor your website for the best results possible.


Your website will have up to 3 layers of protection and built-in security to keep your website safe from hackers and off the global blacklist, with a security package.


We allow you to focus on your business by keeping your website up-to-date with framework enhancements, security patches, and SEO tweaking.


Get one of the most advanced stores built into your website. Transactions are fee-free from us with multiple payment options, PCI compliance, and simple management.

Wagoner Design powers hundreds of awesome websites
from marketing firms to law firms.


Beautiful. Responsive. Websites.

 We build websites that attract new customers, patients, and users; no matter your target audience, your website is sure to resound with quality and taste. Perfectly designed to work on any device.

Your website does the talking for your business, so you want to make sure that it knows just what to say. A beautifully designed and executed website that gives your visitors exactly what they need is how you rise to the top.

Chicago Web Design


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Clients We’re Pleased to Serve

  • TruCraft Signs
  • Tower Works
  • Rhema Life Today
  • Rethink: Brand Spaces
  • Remarkable Advertising
  • Invasion Youth Ministries
  • FWOchurch
  • Alpha Scientific
Wagoner Design Chicago Testimonial
Wagoner Design Chicago Testimonial
William West // IT Manager
Eugene Duncan // Sales & Marketing
Steven Turner // Startup Partner
Janet Chavez // Business Owner
Tammy Myers // Marketing Consultant
Nathan Oliver // CTO
Marie Matthews // Marketing Manager
Elizabeth Aguilar // Marketing Director
Bryan Patel // Manager of Technology
Kelly Fisher // Head of Business Development
Craig Bradley // Media Manager
James Anderson // Sales Manager
We starting this process with minimal information as to what we wanted, but you all took the reigns and made it happen. The new website not only looks awesome but has helped shape our brand into a real, strong company. We're moving forward faster than ever and our customers are getting what they need.
We're proud to show off our website to new customers, walking them through our extensive product line. You guys made the magic happen. The photographs of the products looks great and we're closing more deals than ever. We can upload new products and go live in just minutes.  
Guys, this thing is amazing. We obviously chose the right company to build our website. I don't think I could have imagined a better website or a better company to work with. It was fun and we're reaping the rewards already. Great work!
Thank you so much for the beautiful website. In just 3 months we've seen our name move up in Google searches and we've got the business to show it. Whenever someone compliments us on the website we're sure to let them know who to go to.
Working with Wagoner Design was about as straightforward as it gets. In a word, Real. It's refreshing to work with real people who are living real lives. The corporate stiff collar gets old quick. We'll be calling you up for work with our next client.
We're astonished as this whole process, amazing to have a team like this in our back pocket. We love the website & the online products. We know our site is safe and up-to-date, which takes a load off of us!
Each time we need to extend our reach online you guys never seems to fail. It's like you know exactly what we need before we ask. The latest updates are amazing and we just keep growing thanks to the automation we've been able to bring to our business.
Hey all, we're so impressed with the work you did on our website. The development process was tedious but you guys got it done and we couldn't be happier! Looks amazing! We're sending a few of our partners over to you - we know they'll be pleased.
What an amazing team, from the design to the going live party, we're beyond thrilled. This is our third website and we've found our new company. We look forward to working on the next version.
Wow, thanks for all your hard work on the website. It went live over the weekend and I have to say it looks amazing! We're exciting to start sending new prospects to the site with all the new tools that you guys built for us.
The website looks awesome! We're so exciting to be doing live streaming to the web, it's even working on iPhones without a problem. From start to finish you guys did a great job, we're happy we went with Wagoner Design!
We're totally impressed with the automation you've incorporated into our website. It's working better than we imagined, the photos of our products looks amazing. Today we signed up for a maintenance and firewall package. We're stoked about this next year of sales. Thanks!


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